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About Us

Our motto is "People Helping People" and reflects our commitment to the community and its members. 

Fraternal and social balance of activities include curling on Sunday mornings from October to April. A Senior councilor's banquet and ball (where “Roses for the Living” and other awards are presented), a lobster supper and a bowling tournament are normally followed by a meal and dance. A local golf tournament is held in the fall. Activities are normally well attended, frequently with other invited councils and guests. The success of activities is mainly because of our large membership. Some people say they do not have time to work at UCT but their dedication, as members, is important to us to accomplish this very important purpose of a fraternal organization.


Membership has increased rapidly over the years, but the present 642 was once 836. Retention is still the #1 concern. We have come a long way since the 40 members in the late 50's.

The first councils century writer was Rene Beaudet when he signed up 66 members during the 1978-79 term and earned the title of #1 writer in Atlantic Grand and the council, #1 in Supreme.

Rudolph Doucet remains the #1 writer in all of the Supreme domain by writing 227 fraternal members in 1980-81, and again made the council #1 in Supreme. Rudy has written over 500 members to date.

Do you wish to become a member of Bathurst council? Click on the contact link on the left and leave your address and phone number. Someone will be in touch as quickly as possible.

So what is UCT?

UCT is a group of individuals who are dedicated to the principal of People Helping People and apply that philosophy to all UCT members in Fredericton and around North America as well as to our community as a whole. 

UCT offers its membership affordable insurance protection to their members and provides mutual aid and support through fraternal benefit and discount programs and much more.

Membership Discounts include: Esso, TD Home and Auto Insurance, Car Rental, Buckeye Moving and Storage (Mayflower), Hotel and Theme Parks, and much more. For information on these and other discounts, please click here  

In addition to the obvious benefit of your insurance coverage, UCT offers many advantages:

Community Service programs/projects include:  Youth Programs, Public Safety, Drug Awareness, Wishing Wells (Cancer Education and Prevention), Special Olympics

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