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Bingo is our largest fund raising project and with money raised we are able to provide funding for Special Olympics, Cancer Research, Intellectually Disabled, Youth and Drug Awareness, among other worthwhile efforts.  Through the dedicated support of our Bingo participants, we are able to help our community with these projects.

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We play __ games per night:

  1. name and description i.e. early bird - letter U
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Special Games

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Gaming Laws

Bingo Rules - UCT Bathurst # 827

Generally, we have adopted the standard rules of play which apply to bingo operations in the Province of New Brunswick. A few general rules were modified in order to remain consistent with other televised bingo operations aired in the area of coverage.

The following rules cover the most important rules which relate to the actual airing of the bingo and are not intended to cover all aspects of our operation.  (To download a copy of the rules in your preferred language, click English or French.)  

  1. A number is not valid until it is called, even though it may be visible to viewers.
  2. Once a number has been called, it is considered to be in play even though another player would have had bingo prior to that number being called.
  3. The number of balls in play, when a winner is declared, will be determined by the count indicated on the system and will determine prize payout, where applicable.
  4. The speed of play is determined by a timer.
  5. Since our bingo is televised, time is of the essence. UCT Bingo therefore reserves the right to add a wild ball, to any game, in order to expedite play. This decision is at the sole discretion of the bingo host.
  6. If more than one winner is identified for a game, the prize money will be shared equally.
  7. When a player calls the studio and states that s/he has a bingo, the telephone clerk immediately signals the host to stop play. The host announces that there is a “possible winner.”
  8. Play is also stopped as soon as the telephone rings unless there is no possibility of a bingo. Play resumes if no winner is confirmed.
  9. If a winner calls late and additional numbers are called which results in additional winners, all winners will share in the prize based on the total numbers called.
  10. No winner is declared until a call has been received and the player provides the number in the centre or bottom right corner on the card.

  11. Prior to confirming a winner, the player must also provide the following data:
  12. - Serial number in order to establish that the card in question was distributed by UCT Bathurst UCT Bingo.

    - The colour of the card in order to establish that the correct game is being played.

  13. A lucky ball number will be printed on “regular card wrappers and will apply to regular games only. If a winner is confirmed and the last number called was the lucky ball number and that number resulted in the win, a minimum bonus prize of $500 is paid to the winner or shared among winners.
  14. If the lucky ball prize is not won, it carries over to the following and/or subsequent weeks and increases weekly by an amount fixed by the bingo committee.
  15. If the lucky ball prize is won, the prize reverts to $500 for the remainder of the evening and for the following week. There are no limits to the number of times this prize can be won in the same bingo session.
  16. No changes will be made to amounts won and/or list of winners after the close of the program.
  17. The program is considered closed and “off-air” when the final winner has been named and the host has begun the closing remarks. No additional winners will be identified, nor changes made to winnings, after the message has begun. If possible winners have not called by the designated time, they forfeit all entitlement to share in the prizes.
  18. Sufficient time must be allowed for all winners to call. This will be accomplished by allowing one extra minute after the telephone has ceased ringing and the list of winners has been given to the host. The host will announce that one additional minute will be allowed in case there are other winners but, may continue to make other announcements, such as; upcoming specials, lucky ball for the following week, bring winning card to Credit Union to claim prize and closing remarks, as deemed appropriate.
  19. After the allotted time has elapsed, the caller will announce that “the bingo is closed” and no further telephone calls will be accepted while the final closing remarks are made.
  20. The system can’t verify cards once we have proceeded to the next game and while we maintain a manual report of numbers called, the time allotted would not allow a nonrestrictive manual verification of cards. The following rules therefore apply:

    - Time allotted does not permit checking cards, for players who miss a game, for any reason, will not be verified manually. This would involve the verification of at least three cards as each player has a minimum of three cards in play for each game. The rule is based on the rule applied for hall bingos. If a player arrives late at a hall bingo, s/he can’t return to previous games.

    - If a player states s/he was a winner in the previous game, the potential winning card will be verified manually. The telephone clerks will use the printout to verify the card. If the card is a winner, it is imperative that the host announce, prior to the closing of the bingo, the additional winner and state that the prize will have to be shared. If not a winner, the player is advised. This rule does not apply to the “T” bingo, nor the full card game which are covered by specific rules.

  21. In the case of the progressive game, the first part is considered closed as soon as the second part of the game has begun and no additional winners will be declared. Upon beginning the full card game, the host should announce that the “T” game is closed.
  22. No refunds will be considered for cards sold however, cards for a future bingo will be given when they are not played due to circumstances beyond the control of the player or printing or administrative errors are evident. The main circumstances when cards are replaced are:

    - Not played because of death in the family.

    - Not played because of serious illness in the family.

    - General cable failure in the zone where the bingo is being broadcast.

    - Missing or damaged cards in the package.

  23. Since our bingo is televised, time is of the essence. UCT Bingo therefore reserves the right to add a wild ball, to any game, in order to expedite play.

UCT Bingo UCT, Bathurst reserves the right to modify, add or delete rules as deemed necessary.  All decisions by the chairperson of the bingo, or designate, based on these rules or other subjects relating to the operation of the bingo is final.

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